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Stop Light Upgrade Proposal + Other


In March 2019 I reached out to the County commission and DOH regarding a series of traffic proposals. (Proposal 1) Which I feel was very important was partially implemented. Which has greatly improved public safety.

Proposal 1 – Lowe’s-Walmart intersection. To improve the overall safety and function of this intersection. I’m proposing that the county add a solid double yellow line and white lines to the roadway. To improve the intersections overall function and making it less confusing for drivers. As part of this proposal the stop sign may need to be relocated slightly closer to the intersection. Future proposal would be to add a crosswalk on 219 to improve pedestrian safety.

However the suggestion to add a crosswalk was never implemented. As of now new sidewalk construction is taking place along US 219. So the need for crosswalks at major intersections is inevitable.

Today I am reaching out to County commission and Doh regarding the need to upgrade an existing traffic light. The traffic light is located in Lewisburg on US 219 N. Jefferson St/Gateway Blvd located next to Shell and across from Walmart.

The current problem associated with this stoplight is traffic traveling down Gateway Blvd/Grand Ave is unable to make left hand turns during rush hour due to high traffic congestion. Earlier this week after leaving Lowe’s I was forced to wait at the stop light as the light changed nearly 3 different times without a single vehicle able to make a left-hand turn.

One driver became so frustrated he decided to go straight across the intersection. Even though he was in the left-hand turning lane. The high volume of traffic turning right leaving the Walmart parking lot makes it impossible for left-hand turning traffic to exit Gateway Blvd.

Today I am proposing that the stoplight be upgraded with new lights to allow for left-hand turning traffic. Additionally I also want to see red arrows added to the stoplight to prevent right hand turning traffic. When left-hand traffic is permitted to turn. The red arrows should only apply to the Walmart and Gateway Blvd. Green arrows should be added on US219 to allow right hand turning traffic, when traffic is allowed to turn left. As shown in Proposal 3.

I feel if the intersection would be upgraded to “no turn on red”. Traffic exiting Walmart would probably go to the second Walmart intersection located nearly Hardees creating a new problem. This is why I believe the use of red arrows would be more effective then no turn on red.

I also expect sidewalk construction to reach this intersection in the very near future. Now would also be the time consider the possibility of adding pedestrian lights to the stoplight and two pedestrian crosswalks. As shown in Proposal 2.

Proposal 4 is my thoughts on how I believe the stoplights should be configured. However there will still be a total of eight hanging lights.

Another issue I want to bring to the county’s attention is an increase in bicycle traffic. With new sidewalk being constructed I’am starting to see people ride bicycles on sidewalks. This essentially forces pedestrians off of sidewalks. I propose that the county introduce “Sidewalk Ordinates”.

Sidewalk ordinates would grant pedestrians the right away on public sidewalks. It would also require bicyclists/skateboarders/rollerblades to dismount or yield to pedestrians. Bicyclists are not required to yield or dismount when passing pedestrians. But are required to provide a verbal warning and must ride at slow speed and show caution. Dog Walkers would also be required to yield to pedestrians and prevent their animals from jumping. Individuals who violate these ordinates would be subject to a $50 fine.

I would like to thank the county and Doh for hearing these proposals.