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I was just refused access to Medical care at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center in Lewisburg, WV

I was just refused access to Medical care at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center in Lewisburg, WV. So nearly a week ago on 12/07/2021 I lost my sense of taste and smell, so I went to Medexpress in Lewisburg to get tested for COVID-19. Then was later retested at Maxwelton Health Center for confirmation.
It was recommended that I self quarantine until 12/18/2021. However my girlfriend is an out of state resident who was visiting from Roanoke, VA. Her mother, uncle and several other family members tested positive. As part of a large family outbreak.
So earlier today I contacted the Maxwelton Health Center to try to get in for testing for my girlfriend and three children. My son, Jonathan, who just turned nearly one year old. My twin daughters Lucy and Lilly. Both still considered newborns. Nearly two months old.
Because all four of them were showing some symptoms. The Maxwelton Health Center would not offer any kind of testing services. Because they were considered out of state residents and were not actual patients, even though three of them are my children and recommended that I tried to get an appointment one day later next week. Which was fully understandable.
Next I decided to contact Greenbrier Valley Medical Center. After speaking with the ER technician, she said that it would. Be at the discretion of the doctor. Whether COVID testing will be performed. When I asked her the question of what precautions I should take when bringing the children into the ER because I was Covid positive, she became highly hostile towards me over the phone and told me not to come into the ER. Which I knew is illegal because a hospital cannot deny somebody access to health care.
So after speaking with the employees at Medexpress in Lewisburg. They informed me that they could do testing at their facility in Lewisburg. However, when attempting to enter the facility and completing the registration, they told me that they needed a credit card and was going to charge me an estimated $500 for COVID testing. An estimated $129 per individual. Even though COVID testing is free courtesy of the state of wv. The reason they would not see my children is because they had out-of-state insurance.
So I told Medexpress to cancel the scheduled appointment and went to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center which was roughly around 7:00 PM on (12/16/2021). Upon arriving at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center. There was only several people in the ER and nobody working these security desk.
I was trying to get information from a receptionist. Then this young girl approached me and told me that I needed to leave the ER if I didn’t put on a mask. Even though I was trying to get information. I informed her that I was COVID positive. Which means that I cannot breathe in a mask.
Upon telling her that I was Covid positive, she became extremely hostile with me. That I needed to leave the emergency room immediately. I told her that I was bringing my children there to be tested. In which she didn’t care, and that I needed to leave. I told her that I wanted to speak to a security officer. Because she had no right to tell me that I had to leave the emergency room and that state law allowed me the right to Healthcare.
She then identified herself as the security officer. Then she went to the receptionist and told them to call dispatch and get law enforcement on scene. As I was refusing to cooperate. Being sick with COVID, I was also coughing, sneezing, shaking, possible temperature I feel like I was going to pass out. Then the security officer decided to accuse me of deliberately coughing and sneezing on her. At this point I had enough of playing her games and demanded to speak to the in charge doctor.
As the supervising doctor is supposed to be fully in charge of the emergency room, including the waiting room. I told her again, I wanted to speak to the doctor and she refused.
At that point I decided to attempt to enter the emergency room area as the staff was now denying me my right to health care and I wanted to speak to a doctor. Then the security officer accused me of trying to break down the door. But the door was already broken because I was at the ER in August of 2021 with a kidney stone and the door was already broken. I personally would love to know how a sick individual with COVID unable to breathe is going to break down a $5000+ commercial door that is locked.
At this point I decided the best thing to do would be to leave Greenbrier Valley Medical Center. As this individual/security officer was already. Telling multiple lies. Straight to my face. Making false allegations against me.
I strongly believe that this individual does not have the right temperament, nor should she be working at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center. As a security officer as she lacks proper training.
After departing Greenbrier Valley Medical an estimated 5 minute visit. I drove nearly one hour to Lewisgale Hospital in Low Moor, Virginia. Upon arriving at Lewisgale Hospital emergency room. I immediately informed the staff that I was Covid positive. There was no issues of any sort. They took my girlfriend and children to an isolated room along with myself. We were at the hospital for less than an hour and received treatment.
Lewisgale Hospital emergency room documents show that prescriptions were issued by 8:15 PM on 12/16/21. My girlfriend and children were all treated within an hour.
I strongly believe that. Greenbrier Valley Medical Center is deliberately turning away. COVID positive patients and refusing to treat them. I also believe that they are deliberately defrauding Medicare as my visit from August earlier this year. It was nearly six hours for a simple kidney stone.
Something that I believe the state governor and lawmakers can work on. Is ways to improve medication distribution to COVID patients. Considering I get my medication through mail and most pharmacies are located inside of businesses. Typically after an individual receives a COVID diagnosis. They are forced to go to a pharmacy, exposing the general public to the virus itself.
Something that should exist in my opinion, is what’s referred to as a “COVID doggy bag”. COVID doggie bags include the essential medicines that somebody who is diagnosed with COVID is going to be required to pick up at the pharmacy, but is handed out by the doctor instead.
As part of my COVID diagnosis. I had my medication sent to me by mail, however I was diagnosed on December 7th. But did not receive. My steroid medication until December 15th. So I had already entered my recovery phase before receiving my medication. This is just another underlining issue with everything. That needs to be addressed.
Upon leaving the doctor’s office, I should have been giving several medicines as part of the document. This includes an Antibiotic, Steroid, Inhaler, Zinc, Vitamin D3. What this would have essentially done is prevent unnecessary visits pharmacies or being required to enter businesses such as Walmart. Risking exposure two the general public.
Overall, I want to see this individual transferred out of the emergency room area of Greenbrier Valley Medical Center or fired. This individual could have easily have been courteous to me and asked me to put on a mask. Instead, she chose to be rude and disrespectful. Lot of injured, upset and sick people arrive at our emergency rooms every year. The last thing we need is inexperienced security officers. Disrespecting individuals and denying people access to healthcare. But I want this girl out of the ER!
I’m not sure exactly what the governor’s office can do regarding this matter. As this is a private sector related issue. However, I do stand by the statement that I was deliberately denied access to health care for my children by Greenbrier Valley Medical Center and I hope this information be forwarded to the proper authorities!