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So I’m reaching out to you today regarding the issue of gun control. I believe that the need for new laws regarding gun control is not necessary. We don’t need red flag laws or universal background checks, as they don’t work. However, I believe that we should raise the legal age to purchase an assault weapon from 18 to 21. The recent mass shootings gunman was only 18 year olds and even the Sandy Hook gunman was only 20 years old.

Raising the legal age to purchase an assault weapon from 18 to 21, I believe is a solution. I also support banning the manufacture and sale of high capacity magazines. Which consists of 31 rounds or more. But allow people to continue to legally own high capacity magazines.

Federal tax credits to promote safe gun storage to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. This way, people who purchased gun safes can be reimbursed on their taxes.

Redesign new school constructions. So school hallways are offset for the event of active shooters in the building. This way shooters don’t have direct line of sight’s down long hallways.

We need to make sure that mental health care is free and available to the public regardless to income. This should also include treatment options, as well as medicine. However some mental health problems are a direct result of bullying in our public schools. We need to make sure that all public schools nationwide are fully equipped with security cameras by law. This would prevent students from filling a need of desperation. As if they had to take a gun to school and kill their classmates.

Providing federal funds to all public schools for counselors is absolutely critical. Think of counselors as spies with able to infiltrate the minds of children. This gives critical intelligence to school officials regarding the mental health and well being of students.

Gender neutral bathrooms in our public schools. Would be one way to stop bullying in areas where privacy is expected. Bulletproof glass in schools should be prohibited. As it creates a fire safety issue. Retaining walls outside of the school gives students cover from gunfire. School fire drills should be rethought. As students are lined up for slaughter.

But we need security cameras. The reason most schools don’t have security cameras is because teachers unions don’t want cameras in the schools. That way they can cover up teacher abuse of their students. But most security camera systems currently have what’s known as vehicle detection. Border Patrol uses a similar system of what’s known as gun detection. We could integrate this technology with public school security cameras. So that school doors are automatically locked. If a gun is detected on school property.

911 centers should also monitor all school security cameras in real time when school is in session. So if an incident does occur, 911 can dispatch law enforcement before even receiving phone calls from the school.

Schools should also be equipped with AR-15, just like they’re equipped with fire extinguishers. These guns should be available in areas such as the principals office and staff lounges throughout the school and only be accessible during emergency.

We also need a Guardian angels program which would allow for teachers to carry concealed handguns on school property. But leave a clause so that states can file a one page exclusion. If they don’t want their teachers carrying guns in schools. Personally, I think it should be up to the board of education’s in each school district.

Most of these positions are common sense gun safety. Some of these positions are acceptable among republicans. I recently lost in the GOP wv state senate primary. Receive 9% of the vote and I actually campaigned on raising the legal age to purchase firearms from 18 to 21 in wv. Personally, I think some people are starting to come around to this with all the mass shootings in recent years.

I believe the simplest argument that you could make publicly here in West Virginia is “Do you want the federal government to ban AR-15 and assault weapons entirely Or would you prefer us raising the age from 18 to 21 to purchase them.” Personally, I think it’s a simple argument.

But I’m just the guy who lost. I don’t think nobody cares about my opinion.

But as far as what the federal government should do, raise the legal age from 18 to 21 for assault weapon purchases. Provide federal grants for school districts who want to invest in security cameras. Federal tax credit for gun safe purchases. Federal law that permits states to write their own teacher carry laws.

Republicans will oppose raising the age. Democrats will oppose teacher carry. But I think it’s passable.