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Communism at the US Capital


American citizens are being tortured and abused by Washington, DC correctional officials. These are political prisoners that should be released and returned home until a date of trial. But instead the United States government with the endorsement of both the US Senate and House of Representatives believes that we should torture American citizens.

I’ve contacted your office on multiple occasions address these concerns and abuse. Still yet we can investigate Trump’s phone call. But not the torture of American citizens inside a jail.

I’ve also addressed concerns about the need for permanent fencing at the US Capitol. I thought livestock fencing at the US Capitol in 2012 look stupid. All this portable fencing is Democrats funneling money into campaign donors pockets. There should be a permanent fencing solution just like there’s one at the White House. The Capitol grounds should have an occupancy limit similar to that of buildings to allow visitors.

Maybe one day when there is no political event scheduled and somebody drives a car bomb up to the side of the Capital and blows away half the Senate. The remaining senators that are not dead might consider permanent fencing!

Or before there’s a repeat of the 1983 Senate bombings. The main purpose of security fencing is to allow for security checkpoints and to check bags for explosives, firearms, and weaponry and to assure the safety of everybody at the US Capitol.

This stupid ideal that putting fencing up whenever there’s a political event and taking it down afterwords is na├»ve and a waste of money. What happened on January 6 was Capitol police fucked up and murdered an unarmed woman! Now they’ll tell any number of lies to cover their own ass!