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American Heroes Beinng Tortured


How much longer are you going to continue to ignore human rights violations among individuals who were arrested on January 6. New reports are surfacing that women being detained in Washington DC are being raped by correctional officials. People are being denied the right to due process. Many individuals are being beaten and tortured by correctional officers. Your office continues to do nothing.

Violent extremist on both the left and right attacked the US Capitol on January 6. They deserve the same right to due process as anybody else. Members of Congress calling in to major news networks and posting on social media begged the public for help. The Oath Keepers responded by breaking out windows of the US capital and breaching the complex to save members of Congress. These are not insurrectionist, these are American heroes and patriots.

If it was not for their heroic actions, who knows how many members of Congress could have been killed. Because of their heroic actions not one member of Congress lost their lives on January, 6. Then you have chosen to disgrace them by not giving them an opportunity to be heard in court and by allowing their rights to be violated. At this moment Vladimir Putin the president of Russia is doing more than you!

What’s even sadder is independent news networks such as Timcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJd9H-hBTB0 and Infowars is actually covering the truth about what’s really going on. As of right now the United States is no better than North Korea, all this is doing is brewing a CivilWar. That will lead the succession of Texas from the United States.

The scary reality is if Texas along with most Midwest states succeed from the United States they will be nuclear powers. The Christian States of America will use nuclear force against the United States and Washington, DC in order to acquire their independence.