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American Heroes at the US Capitol


On January, 6 when the Capital was in lockdown. Far left and right extremist including Antifa breached the US capital with the intent to kill members of Congress. Members of Congress including AOC begged the public for help. Members of the Oath keepers and the Proud boys, along with off-duty Police officers and Veterans heard the cries of Congress. They begin kicking out and breaking windows of the US capital attempting to siege the building to save lives. Gunshots breaking out from inside the building as Ashli Babbitt was shot dead. These people are NOT insurrection! These people are American Heroes, who came to the rescue of the United States Congress! Congress should thank them. But instead Congress continues to smear them and treat them like criminals. Just remember January, 6 was a day Americans came together and save lives. Because of the efforts of all who breached the capital to stop the violence. Not one member of Congress lost their lives!