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Crypto Currency Beginners Guide


So for anybody who’s looking to get started with crypto currency. The first thing you want to do create a https://www.coinbase.com/ account. This way you can withdraw your crypto currency into US dollars or purchase crypto currency as an investment.

Next you need some type of general wallet. https://www.exodus.com/ Is a good option you can also check out https://zel.network/ Note: It’s very important to save your private keys or you will lose your money forever!!!

If you intend to invest thousands of dollars in crypto it’s highly recommend purchase a hardware wallet. The best option is the https://trezor.io/ (Trezor Model T). You can also go with https://www.ledger.com/, However they suffered a cyber breach last year. You also want to purchase hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer. DONT NOT purchase hardware wallets from third parties like Amazon, Newegg or eBay.

As far as crypto exchanges go I recommend https://www.binance.us/en/home. However the exchange fees will kill you and your profits!

As far as mining goes you can start off using https://www.nicehash.com/ However I don’t trust them or their security. What you mine ultimately depends on your hardware. So if you plan on building a dedicated mining rig. You can either create a Windows/Linux miner or Go with something like https://simplemining.net Which I recommend!

Next you’re going to need a crypto mining pool. I recommend both https://ethermine.org/ and https://2miners.com/ Based on whatever your mining is going to determine on which pool you want to use.

As far as mining software goes there’s plenty of options. Claymore is probably one of the more popular, simplemining.net has most of the mining programs on their website. The only real challenge is getting the mining scripts set up properly.

Some individuals also recommend bios mod your gpu. This is also a great way to destroy them, if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s highly recommended to only bios mod within the first 30 days after purchase. This way if you break them you can return them as defective.

Overclocking is also a great way to increase overall hashing power. However it can easily void your warranty. It can also cause your mining rig to crash with improper settings and become unstable. Experienced miners will tell you It’s best to build a maximum of 8GPU rigs. Anything else will cost you more money in downtime.

Also be very cautious when purchasing graphics cards. Most graphics card manufacturers do not cover mining under their warranty. The best brands are EVGA and MSI other than that don’t expect a warranty and always read the fine print!

Additionally always use six pin connectors, never use 6pin sata connectors. As they are a fire hazard and ultimately happy mining🙂If you think of something I missed or have other recommendations comment down below!